Choroidal Nevus

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Choroidal Nevus

What is a Choroidal Nevus?

The choroid is a structure in the eye that is made up of a layer of blood vessels and lies underneath the retina. Occasionally, a tumor of the choroid can develop, called a choroidal nevus. A nevus is similar to a mole or freckle, except this one is inside your eye, rather than on your skin.

Who is at risk for having a Choroidal Nevus?

Choroidal nevi are quite common and tend to occur in Caucasian patients. It may be present in up to 10% of these patients.

What are the symptoms of a Choroidal Nevus?

Typically, a choroidal nevus does not produce any symptoms, and most are benign (not cancer-forming). Rarely, a choroidal nevus may progress to form a malignant melanoma (also known as a choroidal melanoma).

How is a choroidal Nevus diagnosed and treated?

This condition is often diagnosed during a routine eye examination. Your retina specialist will take specialized photos of the choroidal nevus, and you may need to return for regular check-ups to have repeat detailed imaging tests done, such as fundus photograph and ultrasound. The goal is to make sure the nevus has remained stable and has not changed in size, shape or color. If these do occur, you may need to undergo a biopsy to find out what type of cells make up the tumor. If the nevus remains stable, you will likely not require any specific treatment.

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